About UsĀ 

What Makes Us Different

At Assurance Driving School we teach precision roadway space management and defensive driving skills for staying collision-free. We are fully certified by the State of Washington, and our instructors are dedicated to helping your teen become a safe driver.

Our vision is that all drivers, new, experienced, occasional, and professional as well as those who may be dealing with impairments, drive with enjoyment, hazard-reducing skills and confidence. 

Our experience shows! Assurance Driving School is about extending driver safety.  The background of our people includes police work, driving instruction, training instructors, examining for the Dept. of  Licensing (WA), driving DOT vehicles, school buses and big rigs. We are committed to serving and upgrading our everyday driving culture. 

We are also committed to our adult and senior drivers, especially those who might require some assessment or retraining in order to retain or reinstate their licenses.  We recognize that sometimes due to aging, illness or injury, one's driving skills can be impaired, thereby affecting their own and the safety of others.  With new assessment tools and retraining techniques, these drivers can often safely and confidently be on the road again, and we will work with your doctors or therapists to help you regain your freedom and independence.

Learn with Assurance ... drive with confidence ... low risk driving is no accident!

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